Sake 101 & Tasting Hosted by Jane Milauskas – certified sake specialist
Curious about sake? Want to know the latest?

SPECIAL Plum Court Wine Room Event ..... 7-SAKE TASTING ..... June 6th from 6-8:30 p.m  241 W. Court St, 45202

RSVP at or (513) 319-5607 (text or call) - Cost:  RSVP $20  -  $25 non-RSVP

Menus  below - Sake w/ complimentary gourmet oriental-bites


Complimentary Oriental Bites include:   Mini Chicken egg rolls, Smoked salmon and cream cheese sushi,   Shrimp
sushi, Cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto,   Mushroom and Swiss chard potstickers, Gravlax, Turkey and chicken
yakitori, Aged Gouda, Cheddar Cheese, Strawberries with Balsamic reduction and Creme Fraiche, Glazed walnuts

Do you gravitate towards beer, wine or liquor when eating Asian food
because you don’t know how to order sake or even if you’ll like it?

Do you LOVE sushi and want to know more
about why sake– this exotic beverage – pairs so beautifully with it?

If so, come learn–

*   If I like my sake warm - what types are best served warm(and when did restaurants start serving cold sake!)

*   Which styles of sake you might prefer: sake includes those that are more beer-like, more wine-like&more liquor-like

*   What is sake and who invented it?

*   Sake in the bath water???

*   What type of glass should I use and why?

*   Which foods pair best with different types of sake?

Satisfy your curiosity in a fun, informative setting.
Have your questions answered and come learn the basics of sake –


Lot's of Free on-street Parking after 5PM - Come join us as we ease into our Cincinnati Summer.